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Jerry Walker, on August 27, 2013 at 12:30 am said:
Lanai (AKA Kahinu) was the high priest of Pua-noni heiau and his brothers were Naihe (lived in Kohala) and Laa-nui (lived in Puu-makani, Kau). Lanai oldest, Naihe 2nd oldest, and Laa-nui yougnest were brothers from Maui at the request of Kamehameha. Lanai was over seven feet tall, a man of strength, very proficient in lua, and in battle.
Lanai was also knowned as Kahinu, because of his using the coconut oil over his body, and he was the special messenger for Kamehameha going after his personal garments and war implements. When Kamehameha died he took care of Kuakini. When Kuakini died he took care of his bones at Poo-Hawaii.
Lanai was Naluahine’s great-grandfater.
This information is contained in a letter from Henry Kekahuna to Charles Kenn in 1950.
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