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(Oral history account told by John Kaimikaua to me)

Kii: Ku'ialuaopuna

Molokaʻinui a Hina

This Moʻolelo was shared to me by Kumu Hula, John Kaimikaua at the site called Kaʻana over looking Puʻu ʻŌlohe on the moku of Molokaʻi nui a Hina in the mid 1990s.

The akua Hina is known among many pacific island cultures. On the island of Molokaʻi and its lua practitioners, she is known as a great koa and has many forms.One such kinolau is Molokai island it self, another kinolau was found at Paʻohiki ridge on the island of Molokaʻi. At Paʻohiki, there is a cave on the side of this ancient land. In this ana, Hina kept her ipu named Wawahonuaʻaho and in this ipu were the famous makani of Hina. This ipu Wawahonuaʻaho had a poʻi which kept the makani in rest within the body of her ipu. The inoa of her three makani were called Nā Makani ʻĀhiu O Hina. The name of her makani mua was ʻIlinahu, ka lua, or second wind was called Uluhewa, and the me hope, or last wind was named Luluku. When Hina needed to call upon her select makani, each makani had its purpose and character that would be unleashed on the lands.

The makani called ʻIlinahu swept from the uka of Kamalo down to the kai. No life was taken when ʻIlinahu was set free. The makani Uluhewa rushed from Pailolo channel,between Maui and Molokai sweeping inland. Kahawai flooded, heavy was the ua , trees were uprooted, property was destroyed and again, no life was taken. The last makani, Luluku, destroyed life. Thunder reverberated throughout the aina, lightning flashed, if one was innocent and cared for others and their gods, they survived. Those people that were hewa in their ways were punished. Hina would bring about her certain makani by the way she opened the poʻi of her ipu. For the ʻIlinahu Hina would do the ʻai called popilikia which would just cause the poʻi of the ipu to crack open just a little, releasing ʻIlinahu on her journey.To bring forth the second makani Uluhewa, Hina would perform the ʻai called ʻoi which would cause the poʻi to open up a little more and release this makani on the lands. The ʻai Wekepono cause the poʻi to be taken off completely, releasing luluku on its journey of destruction. All things and places were destroyed and flooded. If one was righteous then he was spared, if one was hewa and corrupt , he was destroyed. It was said Hina only released Luluku one time in manʻs history, and this was when Kanaloa was allowed to sweep over the lands.

Hinaʻs kinolau also came in specific rain called Ka-ulu-kukulu-nui-o-hina. This ua always emerged at the eastern end of the island of Molokaʻi, at the shore area called Puʻupoʻi. At Puʻupoʻi sat a large pōhaku in the sea, next to the shoreline called Pōhaku poʻi. This pōhaku was the bathing spot of Lanikaula the kahuna of Molokaʻi island. This kinolau of Hina, Kaulukukulunuiohina released huge rain drops on the shore and for the people of this place it was a sign of blessings for one to be touched by these huge drops of rain. The people of old came from miles to stand in this rain. There is a famous kapa from Molokaʻi named Hoʻopēahina, and it was kapa that was scented by these drops of Kaulukukulunuiohina.

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