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Welina mai kākou
e nā hoa o Ku‘ialuaopuna!

O le Ku'ialuaopuna ose fa'alapotopotoga tumaoti e fa'atumauina le fa'asaoina o tufuga tau a Lua a Hawaii anamua.


Fa'atūina i le 2005 i le fanua o Puna, Hawai'i. O la matou Misiona o le fa'alauiloaina ma le fa'asaoina o le poto fa'aleaganu'u ma fa'aleaganu'u e ala i le fa'aogaina ma le fa'ata'ita'iga o a tatou faiva fa'aleaganu'u.

Ku‘ialuaopuna continues the art of Lua from the passing of knowledge and teachings of respected ‘Ōlohe and kupuna.  

Our pa lua works as one to continue this legacy and develop current opportunities as an active community contributor.



Mamao is a family oriented workshop that teaches various mo‘olelo, or stories, chants, and skills related to the Cultural Practices of Puna.

Participation on the Traditions and Practice Page requires being a Member. 

Yes, you are interested so click here.

Check it out for more learning opportunities!!

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Ku‘ialuaopuna is committed to the following goals:

  • Maintain the continuation of the Lua, an indigenous Hawaiian fighting art and practice.

  • Create traditional learning spaces for the youth of Puna through hands-on learning classes to develop, for our keiki, connections to self, ‘ohana, community, ‘āina (land or environment), and indigenous cultural practices.

  • Build a facility in Puna with proper infrastructure for all community organizations to utilize for cultural practices.

  • Build a repository of traditional knowledge for the people of Hawai‘i and Polynesia by conducting the necessary research, documenting interviews, translating dialogue and film, and developing a secure online space for members to access

A hālau, pa or school, is where traditional Hawaiian learning takes place.  The environment plays a vital role in our learning. Understanding that we make up a small part of the forest, land, ocean, and sky. All these forces have a living energy that we  choose to be a part of in the learning process, which makes us aware that we are not the only higher beings  on this land. We are just a part of the whole and we are always learning and growing for the benefit of the whole.


 A traditional Hawaiian learning sites that are open for use, to other native Hawaiian practitioners and educational groups of various native professions and arts. Certain specific sites and locations  keeps us linked to the spiritual realm of our ancestors.


Let's unify across the Pacific!

The various arts of a people can be traced through a genealogy. This genealogy that can be followed from teacher to teacher, from a people to a people or from one island group to another. From the various migrations that came to Hawaiʻi, from Tahiti, Sāmoa, Tonga, Marquesas and other places, we  look to establish connections and relationships.

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