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Fred Beckley

Designer of the hae Hawaiʻi, the English privateer Capt. George Beckley was the kapu chief hānaied by Kamehameha Nui who equipped him with ships to build his armada, and, after expelling the Russians from Honolulu harbor, Kamehameha installed him as Commander of the fort from which Honoluluʻs oldest street gets its name; truly Beckley founded the modern city of Honolulu. His offspring, children of High Chiefess Ahia of Hilo, were important builders of the Hawaiian Kingdom. His son Malulani Beckley brought the first paniolo to Hawaiʻi. Nāwahī Street in downtown Hilo was until a few years ago Beckley Street, but because of Josephʻs surging popularity, the street which points to his ilina went through a name change, although the tract maps of the city block surrounding the street retain the Beckley name.

Frederick William Kahapula Beckley born 25 Nov 1845 - 7 Jan 1881

Waimea, Hawaii, Kingdom of Hawaii was the son of Malulani Beckley and Kahinu-o-Kekuaokalani-I-Lekeleke Hoolulu . Fred Beckley was also part of the Kalakaua school of Lua and his study abroad program. Kalakaua's 7-member Lua school was preserving the heritage of the past. Kalakaua also started three royal orders to network with world leaders.

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