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Likeke Paglinawan

'Ōlohe Lua Kukui Richard Likeke Kekumuikawaiokeola Paglinawan was a student of Charles Kenn, and founder of Pākuʻialua. Richard is a descendant of Kapule, a warrior priest originally from Kohala, Hawai'i, who served in the army of Kalaniopu'u and later, Kamehameha I.  Born and raised in Waiahole, Oʻahu, He was trained in many traditional Hawaiian practices from a young age until adult hood, as well as trained in various martial arts. He was a social worker and held many esteemed positions in the State of Hawaii as well as in the community. All for the perpetuation of Hawaiians and their culture. His dedication to promote Lua as a way of life took him and his students all over the Pacific in the promotion of all Indigenous fighting arts and culture. He sadly passed away in 2015. He is also still on our advisory board when needed!

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