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Ku'ialuaopuna is a Hawaiian Organization under the sponsorship of Nā Maka Hāloa o Waipi'o, a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization. We work in combination to support our Puna Community and aid in the future sustainability of resources. Cultural education is important for all people.

Your support to our fiscal sponsor, Nā Maka Hāloa o waipi'o, is an investment in our old, our young and in the future collaborations of Ku‘ialuaopuna with our families throughout the Pacific. Your small donation, is a huge  investment in the perpetuation of over a thousand years of knowledge.

Your support helps Ku'ialuaopuna carry out its programs, including:

  • Creating traditional learning spaces for youth of Puna through hands-on learning classes to develop connections to self, family, community, ‘āina (land or environment), and indigenous cultural practices.

  • Building a repository of traditional knowledge for the people of Hawai‘i and of Polynesia by conducting necessary research, documenting interviews, translating dialogue and film,  and developing a secure online space for members to access.

  • Alleviating associated travel expenses for exchanges of traditional practices and knowledge with families across the Pacific ocean.

  • Future development of a united Pacific organization where indigenous people of Polynesia build and sustain relationships and convene for bi-annual gatherings to exchange indigenous culture, practices, and knowledge.

  • Maintaining the continuation of the Lua, an indigenous Hawaiian fighting art, through our classes, lectures and workshops.

  • Researching and documenting traditional practices and other indigenous fighting arts.

  • Mentoring ʻōpio (young people) in our youth programs.

  • Restoring lands with native plants and trees.

  • Setting up the infrastructure to house and feed various visiting people from around the pacific and globe. 


We appreciate monetary donations, as well as in-kind donations of all kinds:

land, cars, trucks, audiovisual equipment, and more. 

Recurring Donations

Become a monthly donor and help us to continue our research and assistance

to indigenous people in the continuation of their cultural traditions.

Your monthly donation helps us to build a sustainable stream of revenue throughout the year

so we can continue to empower our community of Puna, Hawai'i and beyond.

Ku‘ialuaopuna offers years of expertise, an inspired curriculum, and a welcoming community where traditional knowledge is at the core of sustaining indigenous identity, culture, language, and art.


Mahalo for your donation!

We use the Zeffy online platform to accept your contributions.

100% of your donation supports Kuʻialuaopuna.

An optional 15% fee to support the Zeffy platform is applied at the time of checkout.
You can change this amount or decline this fee in the option box before you submit your donation.

Donations will be received by Nā Maka Hāloa, our Non-Profit 501(c)(3) fiscal sponsor.


Mahalo from all of us to all of you!

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