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Kuleana Agreement

As a member of the Ku'ialuaopuna community, I further understand and agree to abide by the following set of community guidelines to ensure that this is a safe site and will be a cohesive community of contributors:

  • I will make every effort to ensure that my contributions are thoughtful, caring, and respectful of the loina Ku'ialuaopuna.

  • I will comment on othersʻ contributions in a positive, constructive, respectful, and supportive manner, and refrain from comments that are hurtful, inappropriate, or that may embarrass other users.

  • I will remember that there are different Hawaiian cultural perspectives born of various lineages and places, and that I should be respectful and gracious regarding others’ views and understandings.

  • I will keep at the forefront of my thoughts that my contributions to the discussion are for our community and ultimately for a stronger and better Lāhui Hawaiʻi for generations to come.

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