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Vision Statement

Our Vision is to establish an organization to support indigenous fighting arts, customs, traditions and history.



Our Mission is to  promote and preserve cultural and traditional knowledge through the use and practice of our indigenous fighting art, Lua. 


Disciplines in the indigenous arts of war include philosophy, weaponry and its uses, medicinal plant uses, natural plant fibers and their uses, wood working, stone carving, traditional knowledge of agriculture, fishing, astronomy, language, moʻolelo or stories of their ancient people, genealogy , canoe building, spirituality and more. This knowledge will help to mold a complete warrior, who can understand, think and make clear and valued decisions for his or her self and the community.


Ku‘ialuaopuna offers years of expertise in various cultural practices, collaborating to develop and inspire curriculum, and support many indigenous people to continue becoming great cultural practitioners for themselves and their communities for generations to come.  Traditional knowledge is at the core of indigenous identity, culture, languages, heritage, and livelihoods, and the transmission from one generation to the next must be encouraged, preserved, and protected. For many, living according to traditional ways and practices, creates a sense of cultural identity, fosters a close connection to nature, and provides them with increased control over their own destiny.


Ku‘ialuaopuna has and continues to build a strong foundation of skills, networks, lifelong relationships and helping indigenous youth create opportunity for themselves and their communities for generations to come and perpetuating Lua.


Inspire the children of today.

They are the warriors of tomorrow.

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