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Our Fiscal Sponsor

Nā Maka Hāloa o Waipi'o 
Non Profit 501(c)3

Nā Maka Hāloa o Waipi'o, a 501(c)3 organization headquartered in Pāhoa, Hawaiʻi, will serve as the fiscal sponsor for Kuʻialuaopuna.  Founded in 2001, Nā Maka Hāloa o Waipi'o  is a grassroots organization that works on supporting indigenous arts & culture in Puna, Hawaiʻi. Our missions align with the belief that cultural education is a vital part of resource sustainability.  


All donations are tax deductible through

Nā Maka Hāloa o Waipi'o

PO Box 10664

Hilo, Hawaii 96721

Phone: (808)937-0823

Ein# 91-2079670


Mahalo for your support.



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