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Ka Leo ʻōiwi
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Ke kūkulu ʻia nei kēia ʻaoʻao

'O ka Leo 'Oiwi, ka leo o ka poʻe kamaʻāina , ka 'oiwi e hoʻomanaʻo nei i nā moʻolelo a me nā kuʻuna o ka Lua a me nā hoʻomanaʻo i hoʻoili ʻia mai nā kūpuna mai. Mālama mākou i kēia ʻike waiwai e kōkua i ka poʻe a pau e hoʻomaopopo, a'ohe pau ka 'ike i ka hālau hoʻokahi.

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The voice of the native son , whos roots dig deep into their native land, the voice of  those who remember the stories and traditions of  Lua and the memories passed down to them from those that came before . We  care for  this valuable knowledge to help everyone understand, that   knowledge is  found in many places.


From Kalapana to the pacific, we hear the stories of those that carry on these family traditions and memories, that look at the arts and feats of the toa or warrior. These mo'olelo will be recorded here to preserve our modern cultural knowledge for our indigenous people across the pacific.

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