Community Projects

Throughout the years, Kuʻialuaopuna has and continues to collaborate with various organizations, such as Nā Maka Hāloa, Taputapuatea in Tahiti, Kūkulu Kumuhana o Puna,

The Edith Kanakaʻole Foundation, Kapukini Foundation, Paepae o Heʻeia, Kamehameha Schools,

Hui Mālama i ke Ala 'Ūlili, and other organizations.

We look forward to working with our community and working together with you. 


Please, contact us to discuss potential opportunities.




The Mamao Workshop Series offers participants of all ages the opportunity to learn about the Cultural Practices of Puna, and to learn a little about the life of a Hawaiian Koa, or warrior.

Participation on the Discussion Page requires Membership.  If you are interested, submit an application here.


Mālama Pohoiki Project

Ku‘ialuaopuna has participated in the assisting of  other non profit groups and community members  in educating, many people in our Hawaiian traditions. One such tradition is the of gathering stones and the building  a traditional stone wall at Poho'iki beach.

Kūkulu Kumuhana o Puna in Waipi'o

Ku‘ialuaopuna provides educational support for childrenʻs programs.


Mahi 'ai Kalo

Ku‘ialuaopuna shares customs in kalo cultivation, maintenance, harvesting and food sustenance.

Lawai‘a Practices of Puna


Ku‘ialuaopuna shares knowledge and learning spaces of traditional fishing practices in Puna with children and ‘ohana (family). Pictured to the right is a keiki (child) building her Hawaiian fishing canoe model.

A keiki of Puna , learning about ocean resources and having fun!


Kūpuna, traditional keepers of Knowledge

Ku‘ialuaopuna honors our kūpuna of yesterday and today by providing a space for kūpuna to bring cultural awareness of our past. Kupuna are a a wealth of ancient knowledge that our youth can learn from.

Traditional Imu cooking

Ku'ialuaopuna has for many years, worked with Kukulukumuhanaopuna, a native grass roots organization in Puna, Hawai'i, to help children and young adults continue traditional practices such as cooking meals in a imu or under ground oven. 


The Pāhoa District Park was renamed in honor of former Hawai‘i Island Mayor, William "Billy" Punapaia‘alaikahala Kenoi. on November 09, 2022

Ku‘ialuaopuna assisted in the preparation  and  conducting of a special ‘awa ceremony for the "'Aha" or gathering in honoring of former Puna native, Billy Kenoi.

Picture Credit:  Hawaii News Now


Ceremonial practices such as AWA, helps all people to bridge the past with the future.

Malama 'Aina,
Land Stewardship

The removing and falling of non native Albizia trees will enable the land to nourish and grow its community. Native trees can be re- established one again. As the lands serve its tenants, it's tenants can serve the land. This is Malama 'Aina, and this is a large part of who we are.


Hui Mālama i ke Ala ‘Ūlili (huiMAU)

Ku‘ialuaopuna participates in the maintenance, restoration, and preservation of Hawai‘i's native forest ecosystem.