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Na Mea Kaua / Implements of Lua

A strangulation cord used in combat. The natural fiber, square braided cord is attached to a Kauila wood handle. 



sling made of  Wauke bark or paper mulberry plant.

Used to cast a hard stone.


Hawaii Maʻa / Sling

Pohaku Newa Stone clubs

used in hand  to hand fighting.



Shark teeth lashed with natural cordage to a wooden paddle.

Turtle shell ring lashed with shark tooth

A small weapon concealed on the finger of a warriors hand used in close  combat. 


Here's a video showing how we use the ko‘oko‘o as a defense from the pīkoi

Ikoi- weapon used to cast out and wrap the advisary, binding the legs, arms and neck. The wahine warriors were very skillful in its use . The brained olona cordage was from 25 feet in length to 40 feet.

pikoi 1.jpg
lei mano.jpg

This mea kaua is fiited around the  hand and used to slash tissue. Shark teeth from the mano are pegged into the wooden handle with native hard woods such as kauila, koaia, uhiuhi.

This mea kaua is made of Uhuuhi and used in the hand as a concealed striking tool. Its intent is used to puncture tissue and soft organs. Its uses is also to manipulate joints and muscles.


A stone headed hand club called pohaku newa. Head of club is of dense stone shaped to fit a wooden handle and lashed wit coconut fiber. Used in close combat to strike bone and  joints.

Pohaku Pewa used as a hand club.


Bill of a fish used as a dagger, known as a'u ku. Very hard bone

Leimano made of uhuuhi. Shark teeth pegged in wood.


Leimano made of old Mamane. Teeth lashed to wood with cordage.

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