Our Fiscal Sponser

Nā Maka Hāloa - Non Profit 501(c)3

Nā Maka Hāloa, a 501(c)3 organization headquartered in Pāhoa, Hawaiʻi, will serve as the fiscal sponsor for Kuʻialuaopuna.  Founded in 2001, Nā Maka Hāloa  is a grassroots organization that works on supporting Indigenous arts & culture in Puna, Hawaiʻi. Our missions align with the belief that cultural education is a vital part of resource sustainability.  


Kuʻialuaopuna is moving forward to promote indigenous cultural traditions and arts throughout the Pacific. We are a traditional pā or hālau that perpetuates the indigenous fighting art of Hawaiʻi known as Lua, as well as other cultural traditions and practices that are entwined within our people.  


All donations are tax deductible through

Nā Maka Hāloa

PO Box 10664

Hilo, Hawaii 96721 Mahalo for your support.